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A long list of Outlier resources, tools and services. We maintain this overflow page to keep track of the various projects and tools we have published. If there is something you are looking for that is not listed here please email us and we’ll try and help: info@theoutlier.co.za

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📚 Training

🛠️ Tools

Most of our tools are listed on our Tools page. But here are some highlights:

📊 Our World in Charts

A free collection of more than 400 charts. The charts are published under a Creative Commons licence so you can republish them if they suit your needs.

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💼 Work with us

We are always looking for talented and dynamic people. We work mainly in the areas of data analysis, visualisation, web development and training. If we have specific job openings we will list these below. But if you feel like you may have something to offer and would like to discuss with us please drop us an email work@theoutlier.co.za.

Open Positions

Intern: Front-End Web Developer

Intern: Data journalist

📥 Contact us

Email: info@theoutlier.co.za

Twitter/X: @outlierafrica

Instagram: Outlier Africa

Facebook: Outlier Africa

LinkedIn: Outlier Africa

TikTok: Outlier Africa

💡How we work

We work with data and produce visualisations, either interactive or static. For those interested these are the tools we use most regularly:

  • Flourish (to create editable SVG charts)
  • Figma (touching up and stylising our charts)
  • Observable Plot (Javascript interactive charts)
  • R (data analysis)
  • Svelte, D3 (interactive web tools and charts)
  • Notion (internal documents and planning, and pages like this one)
  • Slack & Discord (essential for remote collaboration)
  • TouchBasePro (email/newsletter management)

For a longer list of data journalism-specific tools and resources (most of which we use at some point) see the big list of data journalism tools. Also take a look at our Data Bites site for guides and how-tos.