100 days of keeping the lights on signals improved power stability for SA

  • 100 continuous days without loadshedding this year
  • 2023 had 335 days with outages, the worst year yet
  • 2024 has had 83 days of loadshedding so far

Today (4 July 2024) marks 100 days without loadshedding in 2024. There have been a total of 103 days without rolling blackouts in South Africa this year, but three of those were in January. The other 100 days have been continuous since 27 March. Areas of the country including the City of Joburg, however, have been having ‘load rotation’, a localised form of power management.

The 100 days this year is the longest continuous period without scheduled loadshedding since 2020. Last year was the worst year for loadshedding to date with outages on 335 days.

With just 83 days of loadshedding so far this year, 2024 is on track to be one of the best years for reduced loadshedding. Fuelling the optimism is the announcement last week that Kusile’s unit 5 was now in operation, adding 800MW to the grid.